Tour Sumatera

Sumatra is sixth largest island in the world or second largest in Indonesia after Borneo. The island is subdivided into seven provinces, where Medan (North Sumatra), Bengkulu and Padang (West Sumatra) are principal cities. There are three National Park on the island and which preserves tropical rainforest and the habitat of several endangered species such as Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants, Sumatran rhinos and Orangutan. The climate is overall hot and humid.

Sumatera Highlights

Sumatra is a large Island but we only focus to North Sumatra, Leuseur National Park (Bohorok and Tangkahan for Orangutan and Elephants Rehabilitation Centre) Lake Toba, Brastagietc. West Sumatra (Bukittinggi, Padangpanjang, Maninjau, and set up Bullrace in Tanahdatar). Cross to Mentawai islands and Siberut capture local tribe and Sikerei.

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